Selenin’s location is used as a differential advantage because it is able to use the existing infrastructure, services and taxation in Parque de las Ciencias free zone.

  • It is located 1.5 km from Carrasco International Airport.
  • Less than 30 minutes from the Port of Montevideo.
  • It connects with the main transport routes to Mercosur.

Regional Logistic and distribution

Uruguay has a long trajectory in everything related to logistic and distribution to the region being the logistic hub of reference. In the country, the sector includes different activities that are developed at seaport, airport, road network, and specialized logistic companies’ level, located strategically within logistic parks.

Some of these parks are protected by the free zone tax regime, allowing the entry of products to the country tax free, favouring the development of the distribution from Montevideo, strategically situated city a few hours away from the main South American markets.

Free Zones -such as Selenin’s Parque de las Ciencias, is located 5 minutes away by lorry from Carrasco International airport- have the infrastructure needed to provide logistic and distribution services with fractioning, conditioning, and cold chamber storage facilities, apart from managing international distribution. In order to carry out all these activities –which include distribution centres operated either by third party logistic companies or directly by the international pharmaceutical companies- the country also has other incentives such as Customs storage areas, free ports and airports, Investment laws, and Industrial Estate laws.